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Big Day Out

On 1 December 2021, labelled ‘The Big Day Out’ the NES Central team along with approx. 60 other line Mechanics from various companies carried out upgrade work during a major outage on the Aurora network. Pictured, you can see the NES team replacing the crossarms on a 33kV river crossing structure.

Cardrona Village Power Reticulation

In 2013 NES Central Ltd were engaged by Aurora Energy Ltd to covert the Cardrona Village power reticulation from overhead power lines to underground. At the same time NES Central Ltd were engaged by the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) to install street lighting in the same area.

Converting the power from overhead to underground involved both high voltage and low voltage cables which required removing existing overhead powerlines, power poles and transformers and reinstating the same via underground cables and ground mounted switches. The QLDC component of the project required removing existing street lighting and installing and connecting bespoke street lighting. These combined projects were in excess of $300K, spanning over 6 months, and involving over 1,000 man-hours.


Electrical design and installation of power reticulation

Services provided by NES Central Ltd include electrical design and installation of power reticulation to new subdivisions. Often this involves upgrading existing service supplies. An example of this is a recent upgrade for a customer in Bendigo, Central Otago, requiring 3-phase 400V supplies for new building sites and water pumps. This work involved creating the electrical design, purchasing of all components, liaising with the electricity network owner and carrying out the installation. The installation required removing the existing pole mounted single-phase transformer, upgrading the power pole structure and supplying and installing a new 3-phase 50kVA transformer. NES Central’s highly qualified staff were able to carry this upgrade on live 11,000 volt lines without interrupting the network supply, or impacting other customers.